(Recording artist/music producer/sound engineer)
Genre:   Latin Urban/Hip Hop
Hometown: Montreal,North Shore
Record Label: Globe King Records
Affiliation: SOCAN/ASCAP/Sound Exchange
Personal interest: Soccer and music production
Current Location: Canada
Country of Origin : Colombia

‘’ The mix of cultures made me what I am today: Witty and Versatile ‘’ says A. Sanchez. 

Alejandro Sanchez was born February 3rd 1984 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He was raised in South American culture since his parents are from Medellin, Colombia. His mother, a talented local church singer and performer, always played traditional Latin songs around the household. His father on the other hand, was an American rock enthusiast who loved to whistle classic rock riffs.

A.Sanchez started sampling around the age of six with an old Casio keyboard and imitating radio announcers by recording himself on tape cassettes. In junior High, He joined the school band and played saxophone tenor for two years where he learned basic music theories. At 15, A.Sanchez configured sound systems and was one of the go to guys to animate basement parties and play the latest tracks at the school radio. He became passionate of the hip hop Culture and got curious on how the production process of this genre of music worked. 

​‘’ I was going through stacks of vinyl just to hear new sounds and textures.  I listened to my favorite artists and producers for hours every day.’’ 

Influenced by producers like Dr.DRE, Alchemist,Marley Marl,Pete Rock, DJ Premiere,Timbaland,Just Blaze,Scott Storch, Kanye West and the list can goes on…. A.Sanchez had a tough dilemma at 17: Buy his first car to go work or purchase an Akai MPC 2000 XL sampler to make beats. He decided to follow the path of the great ones and got a degree in sound engineering.

’’ I don’t want to have any limitations so I might write a pop song on Monday, come out with a reggaeton beat by Friday and mix an EDM track on the weekend .‘’ 

This learning curve pushed A.Sanchez to produce and record local artists and eventually form in 2007 the band ‘’The Effigy Sound’’ composed of Jephté Damas and Sean Elvin .The band got local success on top radio stations and opened venues for artists like: Freeway, Plan B, Alexis y Fido, Fuego. In 2014, the song ‘’ Rumba Nights’’ was featured in the MIDEM Compilation ‘’Musique du Quebec’’ (co-written, produced and mixed by A. Sanchez.) In 2015, the single ‘’Love again’’ was featured on the 2015 compilation of the MIDEM and once again A. Sanchez co-wrote and mixed the record. Later on that year, The Effigy sound was in the nominees for ’’urban band of the year’’ at the first Premios Latinos Canada held in Montreal (September 2015). 

A. Sanchez has released his first Latin EP ‘’Nuevo Concepto’’ September 8th, 2017 entirely self-produced by the artist. He is currently working on more Hip Hop oriented EP (English) and on the launch of his independent label .Whether it’s production, song writing or mixing, A. Sanchez has all the golden qualities to succeed in the music industry. He will prove once more that when he wraps his fingers around a record, he has the Midas touch.

 ‘’ It took me years to acknowledge that I can create my own art from start to finish and now I feel confident enough to share my passion with the world. ’’