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Will Mano Arriba become a Football anthem ?

Canadian-Latin recording artist A.Sanchez returns with another vibrant track tailor made for football fans around the world. ''Mano arriba'' was inspired by Brazilian percussions, African rhythms and European horns that can make a full stadium chant in harmony.


‘’I have been playing football since I was a little kid. For me, it’s the most beautiful sport on earth.  I wrote this track in 2014, but I felt it wasn’t ready yet. Now the original version is sounding like I want and The Remix is Crazy!’’ -…

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A.Sanchez featured in one of the top music blogs in UK.

''Music in the modern world is a wonderful blend of cross cultural interaction, a mixing of geographical location and heritage, and as the world becomes a smaller place and people become ever more fluid in where life takes them, those musical mixes become ever more interesting and diverse.''

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Nuevo Concepto Out Now !

After almost a year of work on my first EP album I must say it was an extraordinary experience. Writing every single word and note,Teaching myself new mixing and recording techniques and applying them on the tracks. Spending countless hours reading on mastering and using that knowledge on my project. Paying homage to my Latin roots and contributing to the culture. But the most important lesson is to never give up. 
Fulfill your wildest ideas with…

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Have you seen the Tracklist ?


The tracklist for Nuevo Concepto has been released. Let's start a track by track analysis by A.Sanchez

01 NUEVO CONCEPTO :(hiphop)

'' I made this beat back in 2006 using the supersaw P8 vst instrument which is a close emulation of the Roland JP 8000 synth. The beat has this Giorgio Moroder type of vibe mixed with some  Hip hop. I lost the original session,but I was able to find a version of the track that captured what I wanted. It simple.... no big arrangements. It's all in the lyrics and the hook…

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Nuevo Concepto EP Album Cover and Release Date


After months of working on the Album, Nuevo Concepto is ready. It will be available on all digital platforms September 8th 2017. A.Sanchez's official website will have the best price on the market and album will be on sale for a limited time only. (4.99$CAD). The album includes five original tracks and two bonus remixes. Track list will be available on the next blog post.